Mythic Mounts Mod for Minecraft 1.19.2, 1.18.2 and 1.16.5

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Make friends with mythical creatures to join you on your journey throughout the world!

Mythic Mounts Mod (1.19.2, 1.18.2 and 1.16.5) adds 14 distinct creatures that can be tamed in Minecraft. These magnificent animals can be found throughout the overworld, underwater, inside volcanoes, and even deep within caves. They are not ordinary creatures, as they can be tamed and ridden by players. With this mod, players can soar through the sky on the back of a dragon, traverse the land at high speeds with a dinosaur, or even swim alongside a legendary seahorse.

These creatures are no longer just a fantasy as they can now be found roaming on the surface of the world and tamed to become a loyal companion in your quest to conquer the world. Additionally, there are adorable baby versions of these creatures that players can raise and nurture into loyal mounts.

With the Mythic Mounts Mod, players can experience the thrill of befriending and riding majestic creatures, making their Minecraft journey even more exciting and adventurous.

News and Announcements! May Updates!

  • A new legendary mob, the Żar-ptak, has been added! (Thanks @Le flémmard!)
  • Mini-mounts for inchlings have been introduced!
    • Feed a baby mount a warped fungus before it grows up to obtain a miniature mount.
    • Mini-mounts can only carry very small players (such as inchlings).
    • The mini effect can be cancelled by feeding a baby mount a crimson fungus before it grows up.
  • The config updater now automatically carries over players’ custom settings when updating to a new version.

April Updates:

  • A new mob, the Colelytras from the fabled mooshroom islands, has been added! (Thanks @Atlan!)
  • A Summoning Staff item has been added that can warp mounts to a player or bring flying mounts to the ground.
  • The ability to give wander, follow, and sit commands to mounts in-game using either the command item or a summoning staff has been added.
  • A Patchouli guidebook with lore, instructions, and information on each of the mounts has been added! Obtain it by using a regular book on any mount or by using a summoning staff on a book (held in offhand).
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Happy Modding ^_^

Mod Highlights:

  • Adds 14 new tameable animals that can be found in various biomes across the world.
  • Includes flying, aquatic, and terrestrial mounts.
  • Each mount can be equipped with armor and additional inventory slots.
  • Cute baby variants!
  • Customizable config file to adjust spawn settings, mount stats, entity AI/behavior, and more.

How to install Gamertime Mod

  • Download the latest version of Minecraft Forge
  • Download the Mythic Mounts Mod
  • Open the Minecraft launcher and select the Forge profile
  • Click on the “Mods” button, which will open the mods folder
  • Drag and drop the downloaded Mythic Mounts Mod file into the mods folder
  • Run Minecraft with the Forge profile selected
  • Once players have installed the Mythic Mounts Mod, they will be able to ride dragons through the air, move swiftly on dinosaurs, and even swim underwater with legendary seahorses. With this mod, players’ wildest dreams will become a reality!

Mythic Mounts Mod – Download

1.16.5 1.17.1 1.18.2 1.19.2
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