Minecraft Streamer TommyInnit Embarrassed After Showing His Search History

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TommyInnit, a Minecraft streamer with over 10,000 followers on Twitch, was live on October 17th when he accidentally showed his search history to the world. The embarrassing moment was captured on video and quickly went viral. Tommy later took to Twitter to make a joke about it, but the damage had already been done.

It’s never a dull moment when streaming on Twitch, and TommyInnit found that out the hard way when he accidentally revealed his search history on October 17, 2021. The Minecraft streamer was live on air when he went to look something up on YouTube, but instead of finding the video he was looking for, Tommy saw a list of embarrassing searches that had been made in recent weeks.

“I was hacked”: Minecraft streamer TommyInnit embarrassed after showing his search history while live on stream

In a bizarre turn of events, popular Minecraft streamer TommyInnit was caught live on stream with his search history open on YouTube. The embarrassing incident happened while he was looking for a video to share with his viewers. Tommy quickly made a joke about the situation on Twitter, but the damage had been done.

Tommy is well known for his sense of humor while his audience enjoys embarrassing bits like this. This type of humor is prevalent in seconds as soon as viewers come across one of his videos. His content spans from vlogs, challenges, skits, and edited cuts of his streams on the popular Dream Survival-Multiplayer (SMP). He collaborates with several other creators from the multiplayer servers he’s joined. These content creators include but aren’t limited to: Phil “Ph1LzA” Watson, George “GeorgeNotFound” Davidson, Toby “Tubbo” Smith, Will “Wilbur Soot” Gold, and Ranboo.>>END

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TommyInnit tweets out, embarrassed of his search history being revealed on stream

In the tweet, TommyInnit screenshots his search history in order to show how some curious past searches regarding George “GeorgeNotFound” Davidson were uncovered. The search history revealed that TommyInnit had searched for information about his former friend and fellow content creator, George “GeorgeNot Found”. These searches inquired about a couple of odd topics- such as the former’s deleted TikTok video.

When TommyInnit made a mistake while on a voice call with GeorgeNotFound, he was quickly shown his YouTube search history. This makes it clear that TommyInnit is not very good at managing hisYouTube account and could use some practice.

TommyInnit soon realized what he had just shown. He started shouting at GeorgeNotFound and asking his stream not to listen to him. Tommy laughed about it and said:

“I did not know I searched this!”

Several other content creators have replied to the tweet, making fun of the search history reveal. These creators include Charlie “Slimecicle” Dalgleish, Noah “Foolish Gamers” Brown, Karl Jacobs, and Jschlatt.



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