Minecraft 1.19: Where to Find the New Mobs

The Minecraft 1.19: Where to Find the New Mobs update has been released, and with it comes a variety of new creatures for players to find and battle. This guide will show you where to locate every new mob in the game, so you can add them to your collection!

Minecraft 1.19

New Mobs in Minecraft


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Frogs can be found in numberless abundance throughout the world, from swamps to mangroves. The player will typically find temperate (orange) frogs scouring wet grasses and Shaded areas for food while tropical white ones thrive near rivers or other bodies of saltwater; both types share an affinity towards water plants which make up most if not all their diet!


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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a miniaturized version of yourself running around? Well, that’s exactly how tadpoles come into being. They hatch from eggs left by parents who were fed slimeballs – their child-sized counterparts are similar in many ways except for one big difference: whereas turtles can breathe air and live outside water bodies, froglets must stay moist at all times or else they’ll dry up and die!


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Allay In Minecraft Live 2021, the Minecraft mob emerged victorious. As a result, Minecraft 1.19 released it right away. Basically, Allay’s automation will provide a lot of fresh growth potential. This tiny creature will roam the area and gather different items for the player. The Alley mob will either fly back toward the player after collecting a stack of objects or leave a music block.
Because Allay in Minecraft is the first mob that emerges with the intention of helping players, it is the most eagerly awaited mob in version 1.19.

Allay can be spawned by players in creative mode by hatching eggs. Additionally, they can be found in the following places:

  • Wooden villa.
  • Robber’s Plantation
  • Copy Allay


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The warden is a special monster, appearing inside dark caves summoned by the Sculk Shrieker. However it can be found outside of Deep Dark if you have access to silk touch tools and know where they’re located!


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