Lucky Block Spiral Mod for Minecraft – 150 or so new drops

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What is Lucky Block Spiral Mod?

Lucky Block Spiral is an add-on to the famous Lucky Block mod that adds a huge amount of new content to the game. All of this content is available through the destruction of the Spiral Lucky Blocks, which are improvements to the regular Lucky Blocks.

Lucky Block Spiral Mod

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There are about 150 or so new drops and about 50 modified default drops… lots of new things.

There are normal spiral blocks, as well as “lucky” and “unlucky” structures.

Spiral Towers

Spiral Towers

Astral Creepers raining from the sky. Don’t worry, they aren’t as scary as they look.

Astral Creepers raining from the sky. Don’t worry, they aren’t as scary as they look.

And if you’re super lucky… you might even find some customized Spiral Lucky armour…

You will need a Redstone, emerald, diamond, Lucky Block, and several other materials to get the spiral block. The main difference from the usual varnish block is the transformations’ scale: they can leave behind dungeons, rare and powerful sets, spawn bosses, and much more. If you liked the add-on for Minecraft, then you need to download Lucky Block Spiral.

Crafting Recipes:


How to install Future Lucky Block Mod?

  1. Install Minecraft Forge
  2. Install Lucky Block Mod
  3. Install Loot ++ Mod  and Potion Core
  4. Download Lucky Block Future
  5. Press “Win” + “R” on your keyboard;
    In the window that opens, write “%appdata% /.Minecraft /addons /lucky_block” (if not, then create it manually);
  6. Press Enter;
  7. The “lucky_block” folder will open;
  8. Transfer the downloaded file to it;
  9. Restart the client.
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In the current version of lucky blocks, you can’t get the super lucky or super unlucky blocks for the modded lucky blocks in the creative menu. To get super lucky and unlucky blocks, you can run the commands:

Super Lucky:

/give @p lucky:lucky_block_spiral 1 0 {Luck:80}

Super Unlucky:

/give @p lucky:lucky_block_spiral 1 0 {Luck:-80}

and if you want to get a bunch without running a command a bunch of times, you can increase that 1 in the middle of the command up to 64.

How to install:

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The newest Minecraft Mods are available right now.

Lucky Block Spiral Mod Download Links:

Lucky Block Spiral Mod For Minecraft 1.7.10: download


Lucky Block Spiral Mod For Minecraft 1.8.0:download


Lucky Block Spiral Mod For Minecraft 1.8.9:download


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