Little Maid ReBirth Mod for Minecraft 1.19.4, 1.18.2 and 1.15.2 (The Fantastic World )

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Minecraft is a game that allows you to shape your imagination and create a world that you could only dream of. The game has several mods that enhance your Minecraft experience, making it more immersive and engaging. The Little Maid ReBirth Mod for Minecraft 1.19.4, 1.18.2 and 1.15.2 is one such mod that lets you tame tiny creatures called little maids who can work for you. With Little Maid ReBirth Mod, you can give your world a new life, making your gameplay something you always wished for. In this blog post, we will give you a complete guide on the Little Maid ReBirth Mod and how you can use it to transform your Minecraft experience.

The Little Maid ReBirth Mod is a rework of the existing “LittleMaidMob Mod.” It lets you tame little maids, tiny creatures, using cakes. After taming these maids, they will be “contracted” and work for you in the game. The Little Maid ReBirth Mod’s most intriguing feature is the ability to access your maid’s inventory by right-clicking her without any special item. You can give your maid sugar, or she will stop working, requiring you to give her another cake. Each piece of sugar will last seven days in the game, which gives you sufficient time to manage your maid and keep her happy.

Additionally, you can also dye your maid’s hair in any of the 16 Minecraft colors, giving you more customization options. This feature lets you personalize your maid, making her look aesthetically pleasing to your eyes.

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Little maids can do a variety of tasks for you, and you can assign them using commands. These tasks range from garden work to fishing, cooking, hunting, and even fighting against mobs. You can also command your little maid to collect resources, food, or plant crops. The Little Maid ReBirth Mod makes it easy to manage and make most of your gaming experience. You can command your maid using chat commands, making her your loyal servant, always ready to obey your wishes.

Little Maid ReBirth Mod also lets you make more Little Maids using flowers from the game. These little maids can be tamed using the same process of feeding them cake, just like the original Little Maid. After taming them, you can assign the new Little Maids to various tasks that you want them to do.



  • If you right click the maids with sugar, they will stand still until you right click them again with the sugar.


  • All newly contracted maids will be in this mode, where it will follow you and pick up items.


  • If you give your maid a sword and some sugar, she will attack any hostile mob near!


  • Give your maid a bow and some sugar and she will shoot any hostile mob with accuracy similar to a skeleton!


  • In this mode, the maid will attack any neutral or hostile mod, if you give her an axe and sugar. You can change her settings by right-clicking her with a book.


  • With some shears, your maid will shear sheep and keep creepers from detonating!
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  • If you give your maid some sugar and TNT, she will explode when hit! The explosion will be effected by the amount of TNT she has.


  • If it’s night, you can place torches in your maid’s slot and she will light up your world!


  • By giving some coal or charcoal to your maid, she will cook any potatoes, raw meat or ores you give her!


  • By placing splash potions or cooked meat in your maid’s slot she will heal you when needed!


  • By giving your maid a water bottle and potion ingredients she will brew up some potions!


  • In this mode, the maid will keep her previous mode, but will wander around and throw snowballs at other maids!


  • If you place a redstone torch on the ground and right-click a freedom maid with Redstone, she will stand guard at that spot!


  • Giving a clock to your maid will make her say the in-game time!


  • Finally, right-click your maid with a saddle and she will snuggle on your head!


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