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When playing the game, smooth stone is a necessary resource that you cannot be without. Here’s a Minecraft tutorial for making smooth ice.
The game Minecraft is consistently ranked among the finest of all time and is still widely used in classrooms all around the world as a teaching tool. All this to the fact that players can build any universe they can imagine using nothing more complicated than a set of incredibly adaptable squares. In Minecraft, the number of blocks is practically limitless.
Each block has a unique purpose and application. Blocks can be used for a variety of things, including building homes, making weaponry, and decorating. One of the most noticeable and well-liked blocks in the game is smooth stone. It serves a variety of purposes, including those related to survival mode.

The most typical type of rock mass is smooth rock. In Minecraft, stones are widely available. However, you must make an effort if you want smooth ice. What you need to know about making smooth rocks in Minecraft is provided here.

What is smooth stone in Minecraft?

Smooth Stone is a fairly simple material block to gather in the game Minecraft. Fine stone is primarily used in construction. Because of its composition and color, smooth stone is frequently used by players to construct building foundations. The final product is frequently breathtaking when coupled with other building materials, such as wood, stone, etc.
The smooth block may be found in the Building Blocks tab of the Inventory menu if you are in Creative Mode. Smooth stone is not supported by all platforms or iterations of the Minecraft game.

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Here are the versions of the video game Minecraft that have smooth stone:

Mac/PC Java
Portable Version
PS4 and Xbox One
Microsoft Switch
Version Education of Windows 10

There are no further versions of smooth stones in Minecraft other the ones already described.

Recipes using smooth stone in Minecraft

When playing Minecraft, smooth stone is really just useful for construction. It is the ingredient required to make the armor shelf, the smooth stone slab, and the blast furnace. In the armor rack crafting recipe, you can swap smooth stone for normal stone.

How to make smooth stone slabs in Minecraft

In Minecraft, it’s simple to find the materials needed to create flat stone slabs. To create a horizontal line, stack three smooth ice blocks side by side. The crafting recipe is as follows:

How to make smooth ice in Minecraft

There are two ways for Minecraft players to get smooth stones: Gather and liquefy stones.


Some homes in the grasslands, steppes, and communities of the snow-capped tundra contain beautiful stone. They are typically found in the inventory as stones or bricks. The likelihood of discovering excellent stone, however, is not very high.

Please take note that the player must use a pickaxe to mine the flat stone block. Nothing will fall if you punch the block with your bare fists.

How to make smooth ice in Minecraft

You must first gather all the tools and materials required. You require a furnace, some fuel, and some cobblestone.

  • Using eight cobblestones, you may create the basic block furnace. Place them on the crafting table in a square, but leave the block in the center unfilled. Build several furnaces if you intend to produce a lot of fine ice to hasten the process.
  • Cobblestone – This material is also fairly simple to locate. There is a lot of cobblestone right where you are standing if you look around.
  • Coal is the preferred fuel in this area. If you don’t have any coal, you can make coal by burning wood in a furnace. Just use wood as fuel if economy isn’t truly a concern.
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It’s time to make smooth stone in Minecraft after assembling all the required tools and ingredients.

1. To launch the GUI, right-click on the furnace.

2. Insert the cobblestone block into the top-most open area.

3. Add fuel to the box below.

4. Delay using the product until it is frozen.

5. Reintroduce the block and fuel to the furnace.

6. Gather rounded stones.


/give @p minecraft:smooth_stone [amount]

How to make smooth sandstone blocks in Minecraft

Sandstone blocks can be crafted similarly to stone blocks in Minecraft. In order to soften the sandstone blocks, you basically need to melt them within the kiln. Under naturally occurring sand formations that are several meters high, sandstone can be found. If there aren’t any nearby large sand dunes, you can make sandstone entirely on your own by arranging 4 sand blocks in a 2×2 ratio in the crafting area.

How to make Smooth Stone Video

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