How to Get Gunpowder in Minecraft: 3 Survival Mode Methods

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In Survival mode, gunpowder is an essential item for creating explosives. It can also be used to create fireworks, TNT, and flares. If you’re looking for a way to get gunpowder in Minecraft, look no further! In this blog post, we will discuss three methods for collecting gunpowder in Survival mode. Choose one of the methods below and start gathering this valuable resource today!

How to get gunpowder in Minecraft

1. Collected from Mob

There are many ways to get gunpowder in Minecraft, but one of the most effective is by killing these mobs. They’ll drop some when you kill them with a sword equipped and it’s possible that more may appear if their death wasn’t enough! The list below will show which monsters have been known for dropping powder upon being killed – hope this helps make getting your hands on some easier than ever before

– Creeper:
+ Normal: 0-2 gunpowder
+ Max: 5 gunpowder
+ Note: Must destroy them with weapons, if they explode they will not drop gunpowder.

– Ghast:
+ Normal: 0-2 gunpowder
+ Max: 5 gunpowder

– Witch:
+ Normal: 0-6 gunpowder
+ Max: 5 gunpowder

2. Open Chests

The chances of getting a gunpowder are higher if you open more Chests. The formula for this is: P(X), where X represents how many times the player has opened that specific chest and it will go up by 10% each time they open one, making sure not to exceed 40 openings in order avoid wasting precious supplies!

– Dungeon Chests:
+ Quantity: 1-8
+ Chance: 57.8%

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– Desert Temple Chest
+ Quantity: 1-8
+ Chance: 59%

– Shipwreck Supply Chest
+ Quantity: 1-5
+ Chance: 22.4%

– Woodland Mansion Chest
+ Quantity: 1-8
+ Chance: 57.8%

3. Commands

The final option to get gunpowder in Minecraft is through the Commands command. This can be done using one of the commands listed below. The command you use depends on the version of Minecraft you’re playing: Java (PC) or Bedrock (other platforms).
– Java: /give PlayerName minecraft:gunpowder
– Bedrock: /give “PlayerName” gunpowder


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