Ice and Fire: Dragonseeker Mod 1.16.5

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Dragonseeker adds 4 tools that allow you to find the most accurate dragon den location. Called Dragon Seeker

The mod also adds a Creative-only Godly Dragonseeker, with a 300-block range and a 0% error chance. In addition, it’ll print the exact distance to, and coordinates of, the nearest dragon in the chat.

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The elemental dragon slayer is crafted with two nephrite ingots and a dragon skull. It can be right-clicked to generate an alarm, which will sound a bit louder when a dragon is detected within 150 blocks. However, be careful- it’s not wrong, and mistakes are possible! It will also look for dead and tamed dragons, so make sure to clear the area you’re looking for first.

If you’re looking for something better, take a basic dragonseeker and add a nether star in a smithing table to produce an Epic Dragonseeker. These have more durability, greater range, and a lessened error chance. They also make slightly more noise the closer you get to a dragon, letting you narrow down its position a little better, and don’t pick up on dead dragons. No more interference from dragon skeletons!

Finally, once you’ve obtained some dragonsteel (of any type), you can craft a Legendary Dragonseeker. Once again, these have more durability and range than an Epic Dragonseeker, with a lessened error chance. They make more noise when close to a dragon, and do so more clearly than an Epic Dragonseeker, making your search even easier. They don’t detect dead or tamed dragons.

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