How to Get Paper in Minecraft: Methods and Item Code

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In Minecraft, paper is an important item that you will want to have in your inventory. It has many uses, from creating books to crafting maps and banners. In this tutorial, we will show you how to make paper and provide you with several methods for obtaining it in the game. We will also give you the item code and data for Creative mode players.

How to earn paper in Minecraft

1. Crafting

– To craft Paper in Minecraft, you need to find its resource first: Sugar Cane. This resource can be found at the edges of rivers and oceans. It can only appear on blocks directly adjacent to the water source.
– Once you’ve found the Sugar Cane, bring it to the Crafting Table, place three of them in a row (it doesn’t matter which one is first) and it will create three pieces of Paper.
+ Note: If you don’t have a lot of Sugar Cane but want a steady supply of Paper, we recommend planting plenty of Sugar Cane along the edge of a river, canal, ditch or ocean.

2. Open Chests

The paper shortage has been a major issue for years, and it doesn’t look like things are going to get any better anytime soon. There’s only one way you can find papers in Minecraft: by opening chests! The list below shows all of them with their respective drop rates when farming them out or finding rare items from other sources such as dispensers (which have an extremely low probability).

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– Shipwreck
+ Supply Chest: 1-12, chance to receive 49.4%
+ Map Chest: 1-10, chance to get 89.4%
– Stronghold: Library Chest 2-7, chance to get 89.2% (Bedrock: 88.3%)
– Village: Cartographer Chest 1-5, chance to get 61.2%

3. Other ways to get paper in Minecraft

– Creative: Paper in Minecraft can be found in the Miscellaneous Tab (Lava Bucket) in the Creative Inventory.
– Command: Players can give paper to others with the command “/give”.
+ Java: / give PlayerName minecraft: paper
+ Bedrock: / give paper “PlayerName”


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