Dinosaurs Mod 1.12.2-1.11.2, the Jurassic Park of Minecraft

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A Tour of Jurassic Park: Dinosaurs Mod (JurassiCraft) 1.12.2-1.11.2

Dinosaurs Mod (JurassiCraft) is a mod made to bring prehistoric creatures to the world of Minecraft. It is inspired by Jurassic Park, but is not limited to all JP canon: as many creatures and features as possible will be added. Dinosaurs in Dinosaurs Mod are created by obtaining fossils or amber, using the fossils or amber to create DNA, inserting the DNA into eggs, and hatching the eggs. The Dinosaurs Mod recently merged with two other mods entitled Bygone Age Mod and Fossil Hunting Mod which will bring users a more complete modded Minecraft experience.



Minecraft Forge


Just Enough Items Mod (Optional)

How to install:

How to Use Forge to Install Minecraft Mods (Client Side)

How To Install The Fabric Mod Loader After Downloading It

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  • Dinosaurs: This mod contains many dinosaurs, as that is the main focus of this mod.
  • Plants: If your dinosaur pen is empty, why not add some beautiful prehistoric plants to fill it up?
  • Machinery: In order to create dinosaurs, you will need machinery. This mod contains many machines that will be useful in your journey to bring dinosaurs back.
  • Decorations: This mod contains many decorations you can use to decorate your very own Jurassic Park.
  • Vehicles: Need to get around your park? Sure, we’ve got them.
  • Fossils: To create dinosaurs, you’ll need DNA, fossils are a perfect way to get DNA.
  • Skeletons: Create your very own museum with skeletons, constructed with the fossils you find.
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In the world of Minecraft, Dinosaurs Mod brings the prehistoric age to life! Dinosaurs Mod is a mod made for players who want to explore a Jurassic Park-inspired world.

Dinosaurs Mod Dinosaurs Mod



Q: Will you down-port to 1.7.10?

A: No, we do not support 1.7.10.


Q: Can you add dinosaur X?

A: We already have all the dinosaurs we want to add in future updates planned, and will likely not be changing those plans, but X may be in one of these planned updates.


Q: When will the next update come out?

A: We do not know, all we know is that we will release it once it is ready.


Q: Where did all the dinosaurs from the 2.0 pre-release go?

A: We removed them, we decided to rather focus on quality than quantity.

Download Dinosaurs Mod (JurassiCraft) 1.12.2-1.11.2-1.10.2

For Minecraft 1.7.10 : download


For Minecraft 1.8.9 : download


For Minecraft 1.11.2 : download


For Minecraft 1.12.2 : download


For Minecraft 1.16.5-1.17 :download
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