5 Games Like Minecraft That Will Help You Learn To Think Creatively!

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When it comes to building virtual worlds, the possibilities are almost endless. You can build a whole city or create the environment of a classic video game. And what makes it especially exciting is that you can play these games at anytime from anywhere thanks to the power of the internet. There are more than 100 Minecraft-like games, but which one is actually fun to play? Here are five popular games that have been played by millions of players worldwide.

  1. Roblox

If you haven’t played Roblox yet, you should. The world’s #1 social platform and game destination for kids, teens, and parents are free for all ages. Players can create and share their own virtual worlds which can then be played by friends online. And this is pretty much similar to what you get in Minecraft, creating your own virtual worlds!

  1. Survivalcraft

It’s a survival game in which you are required to craft items and tools to survive and fight off other players in the game. You can also unlock new items and upgrades by playing the game and defeating other players. The game offers several different maps, and many of these maps offer different difficulties. The game is played across a variety of different levels. Players will have to defeat the zombie hordes and avoid being eaten by them. As the player progresses through the various levels, he or she will encounter the zombie bosses. If you wish to play the game, you can download Survivalcraft from here.

  1. Don’t Starve
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It’s a unique and funny game that tells you to survive and not starve. You are a Don who must find his way to the end of the world. In order to accomplish this task, you have to figure out what you have to eat, where to sleep, how to stay warm, and how to deal with the various dangers that surround you.

This game offers over 50 survival challenges. For instance, you have to build a fire, catch fish, harvest vegetables, and even solve puzzles. You can also encounter several animals and creatures while playing. There are different weapons that you can use to fend off predators and wild animals. The game also has a crafting system that enables you to make tools and items to help you survive in the wilderness.

  1. Lego Worlds

If you love Minecraft, you’ll love playing Lego Worlds. From the outside, this app looks just like Minecraft, but it’s actually a sandbox game where you build your own Lego worlds. You have free reign to create anything you can think of, from a castle to a space station. It lets you play with a large collection of Lego blocks. It’s a great game, but even more exciting is the fact that you can connect with other players around the world. They are building their own worlds. You can visit their worlds and help them out.

  1. Fortnite

It’s the game that pits two teams of 100 against each other in a battle to the death. One team is known as the ‘hunters’ and the other is known as the ‘the villagers.’ The hunters must collect weapons and items from the bodies of their fallen teammates and the ‘villagers’ must avoid getting killed by the ‘hunters.’ A person can choose to play as one of the two teams or as an individual ‘sniper. Snipers have unlimited lives and no teammates. They must kill the opposing team to win. Of course, it’s not similar to Minecraft but it’s worth mentioning it in this list as it’s one of the most popular games on the Google Play Store ever!

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So which one of these Minecraft-like games did you love playing? Let us know in the comments right away!



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