1.19 of Minecraft: Snapshot 22w15a

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The 22w15a snapshot of Minecraft version 1.19 is now accessible in your launcher. The Warden’s strength is increased as a result. You can no longer rely on pillars or wall openings to get away from him.

Changes and additions:

Changes in Warden level:

The Warden’s ribcage will open to fire a ranged, sonic-charged strike that can penetrate walls if the player positions themselves high, hides behind a wall, or is otherwise out of reach of its devastating melee attack.
Instead of six blocks, the Warden can now detect you within a vertical radius of 20 blocks.

Changes to vibration:

When placed, destroyed, or dropped as items, carpets, like Wool Blocks, now dampen vibration.
Carpets also reduce the vibrations that result from running or jumping.

2 new progress added
In the “Farming” menu, when the squad enters town, put every frog species on a leash.
In the “Adventure” tab, sneak 100: To keep a Sculk sensor, howler, or Warden from hearing you, huddle up close to them.

The “How did we get here?” question now calls for the “Darkness” effect.
Allays naturally regenerate two horsepower every second.
In mangrove wetlands, mud is produced from the surface to the bedrock.
In mangrove swamps, large mangroves are significantly more prevalent than little ones.
Over the roots of the mangroves, a moss cover develops.
Now and then, the itinerant salesman will sell propagules.
A previous change to musical blocks, which claimed that only wool and carpets would block sound, was abandoned.
The background of the title screen has been updated to show a mangrove swamp.

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The various corrections made with the snapshot 22w15a:

  • MC-36783 ] – Frames and glow frames don’t change their hitbox if they contain a map.
  • MC-147686 ] – Joining a world that uses custom resources shows default resources until fully loaded.
  • MC-183520 ] – Phantoms with NoAIcan pass through blocks.
  • MC-212610 ] – Glowing lichens cannot be placed on soul sand.
  • MC-212629 ] – Leashes of two or more invisible entities connect with each other.
  • MC-216567 ] – Vines cannot be placed on the sides of 8 layers of snow.
  • MC-216569 ] – Glowing Lichen cannot be placed on the sides of 8 layers of snow.
  • MC-219642 ] – Vines cannot be placed on the sides of soul sand.
  • MC-231458 ] – The word ‘  ingot  ‘ in the description of the ‘Serious Dedication’ advancement is not correctly capitalized.
  • MC-235035 ] – Sleeping in custom dimension with ‘  natural  ‘ set to false causes crash
  • MC-237924 ] – The word ‘  villager  ‘ in the description of the ‘A trade to measure’ advancement is not properly capitalized.
  • MC-249072 ] – Sculk screamers replace water blocks
  • MC-249087 ] – Mangrove roots interior texture darkens when solid blocks are placed next to them
  • MC-249094 ] – Sculk screamer inner faces removed unexpectedly.
  • MC-249111 ] – sculk_charge cannot be used in /particle command
  • MC-249208 ] – Vines, Glowing Lichens and Sculk Veins cannot be placed on side or top faces of mud.
  • MC-249315 ] – Mangrove roots cannot be composted.
  • MC-249347 ] – Map color for mangrove sign and mangrove wall sign is incorrect.
  • MC-249423 ] – Can’t open storage boat without crouching, even though it’s impossible to enter the boat.
  • MC-249445 ] – Activated sculk howlers don’t summon the Warden when broken.
  • MC-249488 ] – Darkness pulsation option is not saved
  • MC-249495 ] – Inconsistent shading in boat object sprites
  • MC-249632 ] – ‘Darkness’ effect not needed for ‘How did we get here?’ »
  • MC-249664 ] – Warden disappears from a distance
  • MC-249688 ] – Mangrove stairs come after nether wood stairs in building blocks tab .
  • MC-249737 ] – Allay can be pushed with {NoAI:1b}
  • MC-249741 ] – Names of new advancements are not properly capitalized
  • MC-249785 ] – Warden can be pushed when emerging and digging.
  • MC-249917 ] – Mangroves don’t replace some blocks with roots.
  • MC-249923 ] – Salvage compass is not sorted with normal compass in creative inventory.
  • MC-249927 ] – It is possible to use a recovery compass on lodestone.
  • MC-249931 ] – Cultivating a mangrove tree with bone meal creates a ghost block
  • MC-249933 ] – Game crash due to frog issue occurred ( Accessing LegacyRandomSource from multiple threads)
  • MC-249934 ] – Mangrove tree roots sometimes not waterlogged when spawning in water.
  • MC-249936 ] – Cave sculptors don’t cut through mud
  • MC-249938 ] – Mangrove leaves don’t fall off when using Silk Touch tools .
  • MC-249942 ] – Water removed after growing waterlogged mangrove propagule.
  • MC-249947 ] – Top of sculk howler model gets squashed vertically.
  • MC-249966 ] – Warden can forget a target he just roared at.
  • MC-249968 ] – Powering a beacon disconnects the player from the server
  • MC-249977 ] – Hard chunk borders appear when updating a 1.18.2 world
  • MC-249979 ] – Chance to have unwaterlogged mangrove roots when growing from a sapling underwater.
  • MC-249980 ] – The description of the ‘  Birthday Song ‘ advancement  is incorrectly capitalized.
  • MC-249984 ] – ‘note_block’ is spelled inconsistently as ‘noteblock’ in ‘allay_deliver_cake_to_noteblock’ progress.
  • MC-250017 ] – Launch UUID argument required
  • MC-250025 ] – “  You Got a Friend in Me  ” advancement is incorrectly conjugated in past tense.
  • MC-250099 ] – Mangrove logs and mangrove planks do not appear in bonus chests.
  • MC-250101 ] – Cannot plant sugar cane on mud
  • MC-250103 ] – Can’t plant bamboo on mud
  • MC-250104 ] – Can’t plant large leaflets on mud
  • MC-250106 ] – Overworld vegetation cannot be placed on muddy mangrove roots.
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How to install Minecraft snapshot:

Open your Minecraft launcher, then select Settings from the top menu.

Next, select the Snapshot checkbox. This will immediately show up as a new profile.

Open the snapshot profile to access the most recent features.


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