Why is Minecraft so popular?

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Once I even had to look for a dissertation writing help help on a game topic. So much so that games have become a part of our lives. They educate, develop and relax. And they can also make money. So why exactly Minecraft? Where do worldwide love and acceptance come from? 


Minecraft was released three years ago, in 2011. It wasn’t a popular and big game back then. Minecraft was created by Notch and then became the property of Mojang. Once the game was officially released, it became popular within months. Mojang didn’t even advertise the game, but the popularity grew more and more every day.

For this reason, Minecraft does not require a powerful computer. Minecraft can even run on a computer with only 1 GB of RAM. The second reason is that Minecraft has no successor.

There are actually several reasons

The first reason is that the game came out incredibly on time. Everyone knows the stories about products that were way ahead of their time but didn’t make it to market because “the consumer isn’t ready” or, conversely, sat too long in the development department and stopped being of interest to customers. Well, this didn’t happen with Minecraft. The game was released at a turning point in the video game market, at a time when the decline of online projects players began, single-player games rarely could please, and the games were all more or less monotonous (thanks to conveyor games and the killing of the genre by World of Warcraft). The market was incredibly saturated with all sorts of projects, whose lack of soul was felt right on the loading screen.

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Then, of course, there were desperate attempts of some independent studios to reverse the established course of things, but all their efforts were overshadowed by this… The Minecraft phenomenon.

A game so unique, interesting and multifaceted it was impossible to miss, then all the game publishers roared in joy that finally they, grown-ups, managed to return to the bosom of nature and play Lego. The interest was genuine, I myself then installed this mysterious and intriguing game and… disappeared for 14 hours straight. Can you imagine? You can build! Everything in the world is destructible! And also dig! And monsters, it was so scary the first night of the unknown! All experienced a similar sensation, and it was unclear whether it was the combination of colors and sounds, or whether the game really came out good. Incredible freedom intoxicated, forced to return again and again to the keyboard and mouse, and the number of ideas for implementation plumped his head! Of course, people began to reach for a game where they could experience such a breath of fresh air!

Almost every modern game has a short campaign that you can complete in one day, and that’s it. Then you have to play through multiplayer. Minecraft, on the other hand, is endless. It has no set story. Each user creates their own story and campaign. You have to create tools, mine, create a beautiful house and collect items.

You can build thousands of buildings. There are no limitations. As many people say, the only limitation of Minecraft is your imagination. Minecraft has a large community. You can play on thousands of servers. The community is so large that a Minecraft parody song by popular YouTuber CaptainSparklez called Revenge has gotten more views than the original Usher video.

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Secrets of Minecraft’s popularity

It’s a game with no restrictions within the allotted playing field – do what you want and how you want. There is no mission or full-fledged plot as such, which opens up opportunities for limitless flights of fancy.

The main character, in fact, which you play, in fact – the king and god, what we lack in everyday life, to feel that absolutely everything depends only on us. Steve (the protagonist) wanted – Steve built, Steve wanted – Steve destroyed. Everything is simple and even primitive, but that is the secret.

Unlimited resources – want to build a castle to the sky, build! No mines, workers, mining, or other realities. Infinite resources = infinite possibilities, limited only by the player’s imagination.

This world has interconnections between the elements, the simplest and, perhaps, therefore primordially appealing. And yet, to find these connections, you have to at least incorporate some logic (e.g., how to tame animals). Meinkraft can easily be attributed to the games for boys, as the vast majority of gamers, which appreciated this game on its merits – it is men, and all ages.

Minecraft is certainly interesting because when you buy a licensed version, you get a lot more opportunities and most importantly – online games with other users, alive and so are in love with the same square space.

And of course, it is impossible not to mention the low weight of the game, with all the resulting advantages.

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