What is Minecraft: the essence of the game, the benefits, and harms for students, solutions to potential problems

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The endless game “Minecraft” is known these days not only for children but also for adults. A fascinating activity where you need to build your world from square and rectangular blocks – that’s what Minecraft is. The game is suitable for any modern gadget – a smartphone, computer, or tablet.

Minecraft – what is it?

If you go deeper into the German language, Minecraft translates as “mine”, “mining” and “craft”, combining these words to get the meaning of the game – “the art of the miner,” that’s what Minecraft is. A mysterious world full of adventures where events unfold in a variety of territories – in snowy fields, mountainous terrain, and dangerous marshes, so you can briefly describe what Minecraft is. The game is an opportunity to visit foreign territories, find resources and use them to build new facilities, fight with different monsters, and so on.

What is the meaning of the game Minecraft?

The virtual world looks flat and monotonous at first, but this is a very misleading opinion. The game has several dozen levels, which greatly expands its capabilities. Many novice gamers don’t understand what the essence of the game Minecraft is, so you need to figure it out. The majority like the absence of clear goals and objectives, the meaning of what is happening determines each player individually. Minecraft has several modes, depending on what type the gamer chooses, the essence of what is happening changes.

    • The game of survival, when the created world comes hunters who can kill the hero, destroy the built buildings, and disassemble the unfinished construction.
    • A game of endless resources, where the goal of the gamer is to build a beautiful world and fill it with attractive objects – that’s what creative Minecraft is.
    • The game use schemes Redstone – a fascinating action where it is necessary with the help of special tips to build traps, devices, and mechanisms, from the simplest self-opening gates to programming at the highest level.
    • A network game where you can team up and fight with other real players, not computer bots.
    • A quest in the mode of performing special tasks on some pre-built objects that include logic in the work.
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What is the usefulness of Minecraft?

It is wrong to think that all online games – are a waste of time. The computer game Minecraft teaches you to think outside the box, adapt to ever-changing conditions, and quickly make the right decisions. It is a way to develop engineering skills. All this makes you understand what is Minecraft. The need to build different objects, improving with each level, makes you learn to understand the volume schemes. The game Minecraft is officially included in the school curriculum in Sweden, a fact few people know.

What are the dangers of the Minecraft game for children?

This virtual game can teach a child new useful skills, but many parents consider the open world of Minecraft dangerous for children. It is so addictive to participants that attentive adults may suspect something is wrong. Children can become withdrawn and even show aggression. It’s worth paying attention to your child and limiting his interaction with gadgets, switching attention to other activities if that child

    • starts to bring bad grades from school and the student has to turn to write me an essay services in order not to lose academic performance;
    • refuses to go for a walk;
    • does not want to communicate with his peers;
    • does not sleep well at night;
    • behaves aggressively and is stressed out.

What can you make in Minecraft?

Creating buildings that impress your friends is the dream of an advanced gamer. Bringing your dreams to life in virtual reality – that’s what the game Minecraft is all about. Learn how to create the coolest things under everyone’s power, it’s easy. With a variety of mods you can make:

    • mazes;
    • temples;
    • farms;
    • highways;
    • museums;
    • mini-games;
    • their special worlds with islands, oceans, cool ships, and flying machines.
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What can you build in Minecraft?

At first, you might think that the game is primitive and limited to the screen gadget. Building your world, the notion of boundaries is overturned, and the thought of what to build in Minecraft begins to dizzy. Using all the known resources of the game, you can create, for example:

    • trains that will transport guests.
    • elevators in buildings.
    • systems that sort a variety of things.
    • street lights.
    • traps for mobs and griefers.
    • copies of famous buildings in the real world.
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