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Online, there are a ton of horror-themed Minecraft mods. Let’s find out together which horror Minecraft mod is the greatest to play around Halloween.
Sandbox games like the well-known Minecraft let users freely create anything. Due to the world’s extreme openness, several players have created mods to add the desired material to the game. Here are some of the spookiest, weirdest, and scariest mods that are suggested for Halloween gaming.

Resident Evil MC

One of the greatest horror game series ever is Resident Evil. As a result, it won’t be long before the components of this game become mods for Minecraft.

From monsters to recognizable weaponry from the series, Resident Evil MC incorporates Minecraft. In other words, Resident Evil’s iconic horror atmosphere will be replicated in Minecraft.

Levi’s Nightmare Horror Map

Levi’s Nightmare, an adventure map for Minecraft, is one of the most terrifying ones available. This mod has a beautiful world and a chilly environment that will make you shudder.

Players who want to try the scariest Minecraft mod will appreciate the abundance of unforeseen dangers and hazards on the Levi’s Nightmare map.

CreepyPastaCraft Reborn

Players will be beyond scared by the weird CreepyPastaCraft Reborn mod. Really, it’s not for the weak of heart. Players that fearlessly take on foes in this Minecraft mod, though, will be thrilled with the outcomes if they succeed.

The Compound

Another amazing map that transforms playing Minecraft into a terrifying experience is The Compound. Osmtree is the developer of this mod. It is regarded as the top horror mod for Minecraft right now.

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The concept of seeking refuge and valiantly fending off dangers at night may not be particularly unique. However, this unique map was made all the more unforgettable by the manner The Compound created the clashes.


Almost all curious Minecraft players have heard of the Herobine myth. The Herobine mod is not fake, even though the character’s existence has been shown to be a fabrication.

Herobine can change into a random creature or be called into the game once the player uses a token in this Minecraft horror mod. When this character rises, it only brings death and destruction. To combat this fierce creature, you must employ all of your skills.

The Midnight

An exceptionally unique Minecraft mod is The Midnight. The scene in the magical block world is entirely altered. The lighting in Minecraft will drastically dim. The vivid neon-colored crystals and mushrooms that are strewn across the area provide all of the light.

Through a unique player-made gateway, you can enter the new, bizarre realm of Midnight. There are tons of new mobs here that you have never seen before, along with tons of useful materials. But if you decide to enter The Midnight, proceed with caution because not everything there is nice. The Midnight is consistently ranked among the most eerie and mysterious Minecraft mods for this reason as well. If you can’t get together with friends for Halloween, this is a fantastic option for entertainment.

Last Days of Humanity

The modpack Last Days of Humanity is post-apocalyptic. It transforms Minecraft into a zombie-filled wasteland. Players must attempt to endure this horror for 100 days.

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In essence, this Minecraft hack is a survival game set among ferocious zombies. Players can learn to build complicated devices, legions of robots, vehicles, turrets, and guns. To defeat the 100th midnight parasite onslaught, gather ores that can only be found in the untamed desert while recruiting survivors to your base.

This modpack’s zombies include gorgeous designs. They can stay, destroy blocks, call allies, and infect survivors as they travel ever-faster. Every 10 days, there will be an invasion, and they will get worse with time. The mutant monsters in this horror-themed Minecraft mod can be found in several biomes.

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