The Mysterious World of Unobtainable Blocks in Minecraft

There are many different blocks in Minecraft. Some are available in a regular world, while others can only be obtained using commands. In this blog post, we will list all of the blocks that can only be obtained with commands. Be sure to check out our other blog posts for more information on Minecraft!

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/give <player> barrier [amount]

One of the typical cheat blocks for Minecraft is this one. Both the Java and Minecraft Bedrock versions of it are available.

Unknown to anyone around them, the fence block prevents passage and is invisible. Server operators and map designers frequently employ them to block gamers because they are invisible. Only when holding a fence brick in your hand can you recognize it.

Book of knowledge

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/give @p minecraft:knowledge_book 1

This is a Java Edition of Minecraft-only item. The /give command can be used to attach it to one of the few things. Knowledge books resemble other blocks in design. The only distinction is the green pattern on them.

Books can be used to study information and save recipes. On multiplayer servers and adventure maps, this is really helpful.

Command blocks

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/give <targets> command_block [amount]

Some of the most awesome blocks in Minecraft are command blocks. They are available in three varieties: regular, repeat, and sequence. You can execute each command much more effectively thanks to these blocks.

In Minecraft, command bricks are particularly helpful for creating unique structures like the perfect circle.

Light blocks

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/give <player> light [amount]

/give <player> light{BlockStateTag:{level:<light_level_value>}} [amount]

Light sources abound in Minecraft, ranging from pricey beacons to low-cost lamps. There aren’t any editable light blocks available right now, though. Fortunately, a new adaptable light source called Light Block has been included in the Minecraft: Caves & Cliff update.

This block can be used to light up structures in Minecraft without having to worry about the source being hidden because it is invisible.

Debug Stick

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/give @s debug_stick

In Minecraft, a lot of bricks have many states. The steps, for instance, can be turned in several ways. Additionally, you can alter a block’s state or characteristics with the debug stick. Builders frequently utilize this stick in Minecraft when they wish to place some blocks in a precise position.

The Debug stick is currently only available in Minecraft Java Edition.



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