The history of Minecraft nicknames won’t be accessible to the general public anymore.

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The Minecraft Help Center has recently added a new article, largely ignored. This means that starting on September 13, 2022, Mojang will stop making the history of Minecraft nicknames available to the public.
The Username History API, or the history API of nicknames, will be discontinued, according to a FAQ.

What is an API, though, and why should players care?

An API is an interface that enables communication between several programs. In more concrete terms, a software can ask the API for information, in this case about the players, and the API will respond with it.

Many websites, including NameMC and MinecraftUUID, use this API to get the history of your Minecraft nicknames.

Why did he vanish?

The security and privacy of players are not ensured, in Mojang’s opinion, by the public’s access to this data.

There is currently no solution envisioned to allow the aforementioned sites to operate as usual.

Will the background on skins still be available to us?

In regards to the skin history API, Mojang has not yet made any announcements. Therefore, it should continue to deliver updates after September 13.
You won’t be able to view the history of nicknames in a few days, whether you’re a developer, server administrator, or regular player. Additionally, it appears that these details are not accessible in the Mojang account settings.

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