The Best Levels to Find All Ores in Minecraft 1.19: High Level Ore Locations

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If you’re looking to get your hands on every type of ore in Minecraft, you’ll need to know where to find them. In update 1.19, the game’s ore allocation has been overhauled, so some high-level locations may now be more beneficial for players looking to gather resources. In this article, we’ll list the best places to find all ores in Minecraft 1.19 – so start your digging!

High coordinates contain many ores in Minecraft

Diamond ore mining at level Y = -58

Deep inside the earth, there is a rare resource called diamond ore. It is the only place to get diamonds you can trust. Diamonds are one of the most sought-after ores in the game since they are used to make the best tools and equipment in Minecraft.
They are often located above the bedrock layer at level Y = -58. Additionally, its second counterpart will take the place of any diamond ores that show up below Y=0 or in a deepslate blob.

Mining of coal at level Y equals 96

With a level range of 184 to 0, coal is one of the most often used ores. It is located in the low mountains at Y level 96 for players.
In Minecraft, this is a rather crucial resource. Coal can be used by players to melt, create torches, and campfires. However, the player has the option of using charcoal in place of coal.

Y level for mining gold ore is -16.

Gold is not a resource that is instantly useful, but it is not strictly required to create high-level tools. Players need gold to produce everything from gold versions of foods like shiny melons or electric railways.

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Y level = -16 is typically a good area to mine gold. Keep in mind that this specific ore can be seen in the air. The ore blocks that will be produced will consist of 50% spontaneously generated blocks.

232 Y level emerald mining

In Minecraft, emeralds can be used to buy any rare item. This makes farming emeralds advantageous. However, because it is money, it can be challenging to find emeralds.

At level Y232 in the mountains, the most prevalent tier of emeralds can be found. However, there aren’t many tall mountains in Minecraft. To obtain emeralds, players can just smash any tall mountain they come across. In contrast to conventional ores, they can also occur overhead.

For effective emerald mining, just make sure you have a Fortune III ax.

Lapis Lazuli Ore Mining at Y = 0

Lapis Lazuli’s significance is frequently overestimated. To enchant the object and obtain the blue dye, the player requires this unique ingredient. For powerful spells, a lot of lapis lazuli is required. Thankfully, Y = 0 is typically where this ore may be discovered.

Best source for additional Minecraft ores

Redstone’s Y-rank is -58.
Iron ore of grade Y equals 232.
48 for a bronze at grade Y.
Old Shard at Y rank equals 15.
Y level Nether Quartz = 10-114
Y level Nether Gold equals 15.

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