The 5 Best Minecraft Enchantments for Exploring The End: How to Conquer the End

In Minecraft, The End is one of the most difficult areas to explore. The Ender Dragon is a challenging boss that must be defeated before you can even enter The End. However, with the right set of enchantments, you can make conquering The End much easier. Here are the 5 best enchantments for exploring The End in Minecraft.

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1- Feather Falling

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One of the simplest incidents to cause a player’s death is a fall. The boots’ Feather Falling enchantment lessens fall damage but has no effect on how quickly the event happens. Exploring The End with Feather Falling IV magical boots is quite helpful, especially when the End cities are overrun with Shulkers.

Shulker’s bullets have the ability to levitate, which might result in the player dying from great heights. However, you won’t have to be concerned about that issue if you use this Minecraft enchantment.

Feather Falling suffers damage at a rate of 12 percent per level, rising to 48 percent at level IV and stackable to an 80 percent maximum with armor protection.

2- Looting

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A sword spell called looting can boost the likelihood that rare items will spawn and make creatures drop extra loot. A Looting III sword is necessary if the player plans to make an Ender Pearl or farm Shulker Shells in The End.

In addition to speeding up plowing, a sword with looting 3 will significantly boost the amount of things that fall to the ground.

3- Mending

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A spell called “mending” increases an item’s toughness over time. Because it enables the user to continuously repair equipment, it is the most sought-after enchantment in Minecraft.

Because there are no tools for tool repair in this environment, this is quite useful when exploring The End in Minecraft.

4- Efficiency

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Last but not least, there is a block in Minecraft called Purpur that is great for decoration and may be utilized as a building material. Players must give their pickaxes the Efficiency enchantment in order to mass mine these blocks. As a result, the tool can remove blocks more quickly. Players can break blocks up to two times faster in Efficiency V.

5- Fire Aspect

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With the use of the spell Fire Aspect, players can increase the amount of damage their sword deals. Because the fire damage hits Endermen right after after teleporting, it is very powerful against them. Shulker, however, is unaffected by fire.

Per level, Fire Aspect adds 80 flames to the target, each of which burns for four seconds. The target receives damage of levels I and II ranging from 3 to 7, respectively.

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