Minecraft 1.18 (Snapshot 21w44a)

The Minecraft 1.18 snapshot features the new generation under the existing chunks. This is an exciting change for Minecraft players as it will increase performance and make gaming a more enjoyable experience overall. Minecraft 1.18 also includes bug fixes, optimizations, and some other minor changes that you can read about on the Minecraft website!

Minecraft 1.18 Snapshot 21w44a

Additions and changes:

  • The new underground generation is now inserted under the existing chunks when updating a world to the new height of the world.
  • Added an online options screen where it is possible to find the option “Realms Notifications” and “Difficulty” while on a server.
  • Added an “Allow Server Listings” option to opt out of having your name displayed in the server player listing.
  • Sleep now resets the weather cycle only if it rains.
  • Blocks and fluids are now also affected by the simulation distance.
  • Optimization of entity collisions.


  • Servers can now set the property to so that they do not send the list of players when requesting status.hide-online-playerstrue
  • When JFR profiling is initiated from an external source, JFR events for network packets are now aggregated instead of one event per packet.


The different corrections made with the 21w44a snapshot:

  • [MC-63340] – Sleep always puts the time back until the next rain to zero.
  • [MC-170551] – Foxes can not appear on podzol or sterile earth.
  • [MC-200494] – In abandoned mine shafts, torches can be generated fixed on blocks other than wooden supports.
  • [MC-216432] – Mine shafts can generate light, but without torches.
  • [MC-216561] – Torches do not appear in abandoned mine shafts under y=0.
  • [MC-217038] – Large caving structures can be generated outside the caves.
  • [MC-236701] – The new mountain biomes are not required for the “Let’s go on an adventure!” progress.
  • [MC-236938] – /jfr stop output has no link
  • [MC-237986] – Structure-specific monsters do not appear in their structures.
  • [MC-238062] – Foxes and wolves do not appear in the groves.
  • [MC-238761] – The new underground biome are not required for the “Let’s go on an adventure!” progress.
  • [MC-238877] – The oceans and deep oceans are not required for the “Let’s go on an adventure!” progress.
  • [MC-238900] – Values of ‘Infinity‘ in the noise settings in the default natural generation
  • [MC-238912] – Strips of powdery snow cannot be generated exposed to the surface.
  • [MC-238962] – Icebergs go to the bottom of the ocean.
  • [MC-238966] – The biomes “Primary Taiga of firs” and “Primary forest of birches” are not required for the progress “Let’s go on an adventure!”.
  • [MC-238968] – The biomes “Windy Gravel Hills” and “Windy Savannah” are not required for the “Let’s go on an adventure!” progress.
  • [MC-239280] – Withers do not move down to follow the player when the health of the Wither is less than or equal to half.
  • [MC-239344] – All torches in mine shafts are oriented in the wrong direction.
  • [MC-239359] – The Wither-skeletons can only appear on the bricks of the Nether.
  • [MC-239689] – The Boolean “amplified” in the noise parameters does nothing.
  • [MC-239854] – The worlds of Nether and caves are devoid of Bedrock.
  • [MC-239858] – Nether decorations can be generated on the original Bedrock layer.
  • [MC-239866] – The formatting of the terrain in is not used.noise_settings

How to install the Minecraft snapshot:

  • Launch your Minecraft launcher and in the top tab, click Configurations.
  • Then select the Snapshotcheck box. This will appear directly as a new profile.
  • Launch the snapshot profile and enjoy the latest news.

Download Snapshot 21w44a

Snapshot 21w44a : Download from Server

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