Ice Ice Baby – Seed: Icelands Edition

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If you’re looking for a chilly place to farm in Minecraft, look no further than Ice Ice Baby – Seed. This land-locked seed doesn’t have a great deal of water, but there’s plenty of ice and snow. Spawning literally on the edge of a forest, turning left and there’s ice as far as the eye can see. Don’t let that put you off, as a farming village is within spitting distance with lots of flat land for a great home base.

How to use Ice Ice Baby Seed

  1. Launch Minecraft
  2. Start the Singleplayer mode
  3. Select ‘Create New World’
  4. Then click on ‘More World Options…’
  5. In the ‘Seed for the World generation’ field, enter 488612821391343
  6. Click the ‘Create New World’ button
  7. Start to explore the generated map


-Lots of ice and snow

-A farming village

Ice Ice Baby – Seed Download Links:

Ice, Ice, Baby – Seed: 488612821391343


Q: Is Ice, Ice, Baby – Seed a good seed?

A: Yes! The best part is that it doesn’t have any water.

Q: Is there a way to get rid of the snow?

A: Yes! Just type in /clear @p[type=monster] and you’ll be able to walk on the ground.

Q: How can I find the village?

A: The village is right next to the spawn. It’s only a few blocks away.

Q: Can I build in this area?

A: You can build anywhere as long as you don’t dig through the snow. You cannot build on top of or inside the village though, so make sure you stay far away from it.

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