How to Repair Enchanted Items in Minecraft

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In Minecraft, enchanted items are very valuable. They can take a long time to make, and they offer special bonuses that can help you in your adventures. Unfortunately, they can also be damaged or destroyed. If this happens, you’ll need to know how to repair them. In this article, we will show you how to do just that!

The four ways to repair an enchanted item in Minecraft are as follows:

Using a Crafting Table will remove ALL enchantments from repaired items. You don’t want this! Avoid it at all costs and only use your Anvil or Mending Enchanted Instrument on its own for simple repairs like taming friendly horses with just 1 hitpoint left so they remain tame after being healed by another player who has extra space available because their inventory is full (or not).

How to craft an Anvil

The process of crafting an Anvil is lengthy and time consuming, but when you get done with it; your work will be well worth the hassle. You need four iron ingots for this project (to make up one block), as well three pieces or blocks from any kind wood that can fall prey to our needs: planks works best! After obtaining all necessary materials search high above ground level where there should already exist a Crafting Table placed next onto six+ spots along its side facing inward so they line up evenly

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That is a lot of iron! 31 whole ingots just for one anvil. You can try to find it in villages or if you have the pickaxe, break down doors and take what’s yours without paying anything at all – no matter how much damage was done by those thieving Villagers…

If you want to craft an Anvil, this is the crafting recipe:

How to repair an enchanted item with an Anvil

To repair an enchanted item with an Anvil you will simply need to put the damaged item in the Anvil like this:

Then you will have to put some of the resource it is made of in the other slot:

In this example we are repairing an Iron Sword using two different types of ingots. If it was a Golden Weapon, then you would use gold; if it had been crafted from diamond instead, your choices would be limited to just that particular material type for the second slot in question–but don’t worry because there’s always another option available!

Now you will be able to take the repaired item from the output slot and put it in your inventory. Repairing an item by using an Anvil will require you to spend levels of experience, just like enchanting.

If you repair an enchanted item, this will keep its enchantments at the end of the process. If you consume another enchanted item in order to repair the first one, the Anvil will try to combine all the enchantments of the two. “Try” because sometimes this will not be possible because of two reasons:

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  • some enchantments can’t coexist in the same item (like, for example, Protection and Blast Protection. You can also see how Axe’s enchantments can be incompatible with each other)
  • the Anvil has a cost limit of 39 levels of experience

Even if it sounds like a lot, 39 can be reached and surpassed by combining two heavily enchanted items.

A few things worth knowing about repairing with an Anvil:

  • by using the Anvil you can also rename your items. This will costs a little extra experience
  • the Anvil will lose durability as well while using it. This is important since it would require so much Iron to craft another one
  • if you repair an item a second time, a third time and so on, this will cost you more and more every time, eventually making your item “Too expensive!”

How to repair an enchanted item with the Mending enchantment

While the other methods affect durability in a big way, this last method will recover slowly over time.

You can’t get the Mending enchantment through an Enchanter’s Table, but you find it in fishing or trading with Villagers. Every time that you earn experience orbs from combat activities like killing monsters and harvesting resources–the item gets repaired! If holding onto your weapon (or tool) will make sure its durability stays up then wear some armor made out of materials which have been enchanted for protection against attacksSMARTESTJAR has all sorts of great recipes available so check them out today!–and enjoy being able-to repair broken items on demand whenever necessary

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Finding a Mending enchanted Book is no easy task. However, it’s worth the hassle and you’ll enjoy not having to do any of that tedious work!


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