How to Get New Achievements in Minecraft 1.19: 7 Conquering Tips!

If you’re looking for a new challenge in Minecraft 1.19, then you’ll love the 7 new achievements that have been added to the game! These Achievements range from easy to difficult, so there’s something for everyone. In this article, we will teach you how to conquer these new challenges and get that sweet, sweet achievement bonus!

How to Get New Achievements

1-Bukkit Bukkit:

How to Get New Achievements 2

  • Catch tadpoles in a bucket

Frogs have passive offspring called tadpoles. Depending on the habitat in which they grow, they can develop into one of three types of frogs.
Tadpoles don’t just appear out of nowhere. From frog eggs, they emerge. Simply give two frogs a slimeball, and one of them will become pregnant and lay turtle-like eggs. You only need to use the bucket to gather the tadpoles once the eggs hatch to earn this accomplishment.

2-It Spreads

How to Get New Achievements 3

  • Kill a mob near Sculk Catalyst

Only the new Deep Dark biome contains the Sculk Catalyst block. To harvest the block and set it down on a surface, the player must either use the Silk Touch tool or drop a monster into the Deep Dark. You can only get this accomplishment from enemies that decrease XP.

This street is quite unsightly; it looks like a vandalism drive. It spawns and skulks in a certain location once a mob dies. The Warden must be vanquished in order for the player to obtain it.

3-With Our Powers Combined!

How to Get New Achievements 4

  • All froglights from frogs are in stock

Frog uses its tongue to strike. The mob will perish instantaneously if it uses its tongue to bring targets into their mouths. Rare blocks of light called “froglights” are produced when a frog consumes a tiny magma block. The kind of frog the magma block attacks determines the kind of froglight that arises. Warm frogs leave pearl lights, cold frogs bright green lights, and temperate frogs yellow lights.

Players must collect three buckets of tadpoles to create Minecraft frogs in the biomes temperate (plain, river, sea), cold (ice, deep dark), and warm in order to complete this accomplishment (forest, badlands, sa retina). Once you have all three frog colors, feed each one a block of magma to produce a unique froglight block.

4-When the Squad Hops into Town

How to Get New Achievements 5

  • There is a frog variant with a leash

The player must tie up the three different species of frogs they have raised for the froglight. This is quite simple. Achievements are unlocked one at a time, not all at once, once you tie each frog. If you discover 3 distinct frogs, simply tie them up to earn this award.

5-Birthday Song

How to Get New Achievements 6

  • Allay drops a cake on a music block

This is a secret Minecraft achievement that the player can only see after finishing it. Allay is a diminutive passive flying mob. The player receives goods from Allay, who also gives it any block of music it hears repeatedly.

Allay Bandit strongholds and jungle mansions are places where you can find Minecraft. It is typically housed in a dim cell or a wooden cage. In order to have the cake delivered to Allay, the player must first locate them, offer them a cake, and then use the music block. In Minecraft, 3 buckets of milk, 2 sugar, 1 egg, and 3 wheat can be used to produce a cake.

6-You’ve Got a Friend in Me

How to Get New Achievements 7

  • Have Allay deliver for you

Similar to the Birthday Song, you can only see this achievement once you’ve completed it. It is really simple to achieve this goal. Allay only need one item from the player to return with more of that item. Simply take two similar items, offer one to Allay, and place the other one on the ground to hasten this procedure.

7-Sneak 100

How to Get New Achievements 8

  • Sneak close to the Sculk Sensor or Warden to prevent it from detecting you

Crouching or sneaking is a gameplay element. It helps players hide from mobs and keeps them from falling off blocks. Shift is the standard control for stealth in Java.

Enable stealth, then move 3 or 5 blocks away from a Sculk sensor or a Warden to unlock this accomplishment. It’s recommended to use a Sculk sensor for this because Warden can still sniff for players who are hidden.

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