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Download Among Us Mobs Map – Maps for Minecraft

This map requires a resource pack to play. There are some fundamental differences between this version and the original – these will be explained below. Otherwise, gameplay is the same.

Among Us Mobs Map

For server operators: Set your server to Adventure Mode, and enable command blocks and flight. Operators can change game settings in the lobby via the command blocks. Whitelist is recommended. Should a player log in during a game, it must be reset.
If anything goes wrong and you are not in the lobby, please use /function scripts:reset.

Recommended settings for 10-player games —
2 Impostors, 1 Kill Distance, 20s Kill CD, 17 Short Tasks, 11 Long Tasks, 100s Voting Time.
Client-side: Particles: On, (if your server is modded) Friendly Creatures Sounds: Off

Among Us Mobs Map Features:

Tasks are shared between players. The Task List can be triggered by right-clicking “Locate Task”. The Admin room will help display additional information.
Command Blocks will light up if there is a task. To activate a task, go up to the command block and click it. You will still be vulnerable during this time.
If you cannot enter a task, it means the task is occupied (by a Crewmate or a Ghost).
The task bar does NOT move at a consistent rate.

Sabotage buttons are in your inventory. Move the item into your hotbar and click it to activate.
Impostors can physically fake tasks by activating the command blocks. They are given 6s of invisibility during this time, and the task will become invisible for a while.
Impostors can complete the Inspect Sample task.
Impostors can kill TWO players if one of them is doing a task. This is a “double kill”.
Impostors can only sabotage doors that are nearby.

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Ghosts cannot walk through walls, but are given a huge speed boost.
Ghosts can fix sabotages.

A multiplayer game for 4-10 people.
Items are triggered by right-click. No one can see what item you’re holding, but they can see when an item is being held.
Tasks are shared between players.
Long Tasks are two-part tasks. Short Tasks are one-part tasks.
Emergency Meetings are shared between players.
Inspect Sample task is 45s instead of 60s.
Submit Scan is the only visual task.
Cameras are viewed one at a time. You are still vulnerable during this time.
The Admin room has a button that will reveal more tasks at once. This, along with the Task List, will not work if Comms are down.
Click the “VOTE” button to vote during meetings.

Settings Limits
Impostors (1-3)
LongTasks (1-11)
ShortTasks (1-17)
EmergencyMeetings (min. 0)
EmergencyMeetingCDSec (min. 0)
ConfirmEjects (0-1)
KillDistance (0-2)
KillCDSec (10-60)
VotingTimeSec (30-120)
*Invalid settings will revert to default values

Among Us Mobs Map Previews:

Download link for Among Us Mobs Map:

Minecraft Game version 1.16.3

DOWNLOAD (map & resource pack): Among Us v2

DOWNLOAD (map & resource pack): Among Us v1

DOWNLOAD (map & resource pack): Among Us v1.7 (improved faking tasks action)

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