What Can Make Minecraft Better?

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Minecraft, which originally came out with a full release in 2011, has been at the heart of pop culture since its insurgence. Grown men like the likes of I have gone to hell and back in search of diamonds for years. Kids who grew up playing the game have had children who now play the game.

The world of Minecraft surges and burns bright, inviting those who like to get lost in a world of craft to partake in building a community, village, or idea that they will be proud of. Life is simple in the world of Minecraft, so perhaps that is what makes it so enjoyable.

Fans will always hunger for more from Mojang, but Mojang seems intent on reaching out in expanding the Minecraft universe through new titles instead of the original. The developer support for their largest franchise finally seems to be wavering and tapering off, much to the concern of people who play the title.

The simplicity of Minecraft is fantastic, but what about a graphical upgrade?

I must say that it seems Minecraft will always have updates due to its popularity, but how long can developers really support one game? Then again, don’t fix what isn’t broken. While there is an update in the works at Mojang for their new 1.20 update on the game, players will always yearn for more. New ideas may be on the horizon, but what would make a game like Minecraft better than what it originally was?

The first thing that comes to mind is a graphical upgrade. Hear me out. It is fantastic to have these graphics in a time where everything is next-generation and realistic beyond comparison. However, what if Mojang was to keep the graphics of Minecraft, but introduce their own version of realistic shaders to enhance the world around us?

I understand that there are already shaders for the game on PC, but how about shaders from Mojang that won’t break our games from realism but can enhance the quality for those looking for something a little more realistic on consoles and PC?

From the shaders on the PC that I have seen, the game looks incredibly real, with water effects breaking even the highest-end PC’s. That is not what we need, but an update where you can toggle more-realistic graphics or decide to play on the older version would be a new-generation update that I feel would be well received.

Another update to the game that I believe is widely necessary is potentially the creation of a new world. I am aware that the Nether, Ender, and regular world are enough as is, but imagine what life a new world could breathe into Minecraft. It may be difficult to come up with an idea as interesting as the previous ideas, but it would be the perfect reason for more players to hop back on Minecraft and get re-involved in a world that they missed leaving behind.

Easier said than done, a new world creates the potential for new crafts and building inclusion, having players recreate their structures with all new materials. At this point, even extremely rare biomes would be welcome, expanding on the underground cave systems that Minecraft has.

For example, imagine entering a dungeon to experience a pre-built style of village where players could trade the merchant for materials and find new rocks to include. Taking inspiration from the wondrous world of Lord of the Rings, a Mines of Moria style underground area is a great idea, having players surprised by the amount of world underneath them. Although half the fun is digging below and seeing what you find, I think in extremely rare cases, this update can have fans going nuts over finding them.

To emphasize on the last idea, the creation of new dimensions is welcome. In particular, a space world would be phenomenal. Imagine creating a moon rock portal out of crashed ships in the world that are found scattered throughout the lands, teleporting us to the moon or space in general. This opens an entirely new biome for us, with the opportunity to create spacey music that will have players enthralled all over again. A planet of craters, moon rock, and alien lifeforms that are alternate versions of regular enemies can be viable in the Minecraft universe.

Having the ability to jump between comets with the end goal being the moon and a giant boss on top of that is ideal, creating ultimate extraterrestrial combat. Digging into a hurdling space rock or the moon could lead to an abundance of new material with uses such as home designs, better armor, and lunar weaponry. Unfortunately, this update doesn’t seem likely but one can always wish for space to be involved in any capacity!

Lastly, a mode that plays like a role-playing game would be the most interesting update to Minecraft in quite a long time. The world itself already looks like an RPG, so why not make a separate mode that makes experience matter? This would involve armor and weapon statistics, along with a slight story mode that leads the players in a war that is waged against the monsters of the night.

I understand that role playing servers are a thing and that they are beloved, but having Mojang craft a mode from the minds of their creative genius would be the icing on the cake to the game. I love the original survival mode that Minecraft has along with the creative mode, but any addition of another mode opens up a portal for returning players once again!

Mojang wants to sell new games to others and that is all dandy, but the loyal fans who keep coming back for more are just as important as the ones who haven’t tried the game out yet. Speaking of RPG, if you’re looking to buy Minecraft Hypixel Coins for cheap, check Eldorado!

An RPG-esque photo of a server that has all the elements of one.

Minecraft is a game of lore, fantasy, and fun. These are all ideas that hopefully Mojang has in store over the time period the popular game continues in. If you haven’t played Minecraft yet, perhaps check Eldorado for Minecraft accounts that are sold for cheaper than outright buying it. Their next 1.20 update involves new blocks such as bamboo wood and a new mount, the Camel.

Those who have dreamt of riding a camel through sand deserts are in for a treat. Along with that, we have an idea of the new mob coming and its name is the Sniffer. Hopefully all of this leads towards an even larger update with a few ideas coming to fruition. 

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