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Since 2017, Minecraft Live has had a practice of holding various elections for potential future in-game expansions. The copper golem and the Glare were defeated in the vote for Minecraft Live 2021’s gold, the Allay. With the 1.19 version for Minecraft, this was added to the game. Once again this year, during Minecraft Live 2022, a monster will be up for vote.

The various animals that Mojang has detailed are listed below:


Massive passive creatures called as sniffers are skilled in gardening. Only they can locate long-lost, antiquated seeds that you can use to cultivate novel new plants! All you have to do is find Sniffer Eggs in underwater ruins’ chests, bring them to the surface, and assist with their hatching.

  • Spawns from a Sniffer Egg found in chests in Underwater Ruins .
  • Sniffs the ground for seeds.
  • New unique plants grown from these seeds will also appear in the game.


The mysterious Rascal is a critter that lives in the underground and enjoys playing hide and seek. He is cunning and obliging, and he provides hints while you are hunting for him. Oh, and he’s generous as well! You can receive a special award that will aid your mining if you locate it three times. Dig deep beneath, just below Y=0, to find it. He may be naughty, but he won’t take you into a Warden’s lair! But not to the depths anyway!

  • spawns just below Y=0 in abandoned mineshafts.
  • Give the player hints to help you hide.
  • A player will offer him a special present connected to mining if they locate him three times (for example an enchanted pickaxe).
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A tufa golem

The tough golem is both a living thing and a moving statue! The tough golem can hold and display whatever object you offer it in its statue form. When he awakens from his statuesleep, he walks around and, if he isn’t already holding something, picks up anything that has been dropped. Unlike the Snow and Iron Golems, which are entirely active, the Tuff Golem is completely passive. His cape will match if you incorporate a wool block in his construction! What a beautiful statue!

  • is created by the player using tough, then adding a wool block will give it a matching cape.
  • He can be handed something when he isn’t moving. It is obvious what is being held.
  • He will pick up any object that is lying on the ground if he is moving and not carrying anything.

Which of these three animals are you most interested in seeing in the game?


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