[Video HD] Top 10 Minecraft Shader Packs (1.16.3-1.15.2-1.12.2)

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[Video HD] Top 10 Minecraft Shader Packs

How To Download & Install Shaders

Follow these steps to install the Minecraft shaders:

Head to the Forge or Optifine download page and select the download for the version of Minecraft you’re running
Once downloaded, locate the file and run it, which should bring an install window up. Check it’s located your Minecraft folders and then click ‘Install client’
To check it’s working, run Minecraft and select Forge or Optifine as your profile at the bottom of the launcher. (Word to the wise, you may need to install Java to run Forge or Optifine)
In case you need to locate the folder yourself to install either of these programs, simply click on the Cortana search bar and type %appdata% then enter. Next, look for the .minecraft folder, click through to it and now just drag and drop Forge or OptiFine into your ‘mods’ folder

Now you have everything you need to run Minecraft shaders. The install process is no different than the rest except you’ll want to place the shader packs into – you guessed it – ‘shaderpacks’ folder.

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