Spellcraft DLC for Minecraft 1.19: Free magic added to the game

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The Spellcraft DLC for Minecraft, which can produce up to 20,000 enchantments, is currently one of the greatest add-ons. What you need to know about the Spellcraft DLC for Minecraft 1.19 is provided below.
The subject of magic has frequently been brought up in the Minecraft community. The majority of players want Mojang to increase the game’s magical components. Some designers go so far as to create their own add-ons and mods. A short wait is now required of Minecraft players thanks to the Spellcraft DLC. It gives Minecraft a ton of extra free enchantment features.

How to get Minecraft Spellcraft DLC

It is possible to download this official DLC for gamers on Bedrock Edition platforms through the Minecraft Marketplace. The store page for this DLC is located here: https://www.minecraft.net/en-us/marketplace/pdp?id=f5cc05fc-616a-4963-a02b-5db3fcc9e311. There isn’t a Java version available right now, but one day it might.
Even though Spellcraft is entirely free, it is still worthwhile purchasing even though it might not be as good as the game’s other spell mods. The idea of a true spell system to modify is intriguing because the magic system in Minecraft often consists solely of spells.

Spellcraft DLC for Minecraft

Players can mix and match many spells, including various elements and effects, after installing the DLC. Additionally, you can increase the strength of their skills over time to unlock more spells.
Naturally, the primary gameplay element of Minecraft is construction. The players’ treasure trove of mysteries can be further expanded by using runes to create magical combinations.

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While spell creation plays a significant role in this DLC, Spellcraft is not the only aspect. In addition to the game’s weak monsters, players require a variety of targets to test their spells. The use of magic here enables the player to teleport to various locales and engage in combat with the local monsters. Fight terrible vampires, enormous ice spiders, magic-using arcanists, and more.

New Script API

A brand-new API script for the Bedrock edition of Minecraft is being released by Spellcraft. The game now has a ton of features that were previously only available through mods. Enemy health bars can now be taken by players, both normally and in rifts. The player can keep track of the loot boxes that fall into fissures by using the timers on the screen, which are also present.

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