Buried Barrels 1.18.1: A simple vanilla+ mod that generates hidden barrels throughout the world

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Buried Barrels is a simple vanilla+ mod that generates hidden barrels throughout the world. Special maps leading to these treasures can be found on most vanilla structures, making exploration a lot more rewarding.

Buried Barrels


  • – Barrels can be found in every vanilla biome, except for deserts.

    – Each barrel contains a unique, random loot.

    – These barrels can be opened with a key, which can be obtained by reading the respective map.

    – These maps can be found on most vanilla structures. However, they are not visible in your inventory and are not craftable. They will appear in your inventory after you read them.

    Buried Barrels Mod Changelogs:

    v2: – Added a new set of maps and new barrels to existing structures that didn’t have any before (e.g., desert temples). – Changed the way some of the code works so it’s easier to implement future updates/content without having to do major rewrites of existing code (this is for my own benefit). – Reduced the amount of barrels generated on some structures (e.g., desert pyramids) because they were generating way too much content (over 40 barrels per pyramid before). – Added a config file that allows you to adjust the amount of barrels generated on different structures.

How to install Download Buried Barrels Mod for Minecraft?

1. Install forge

2. Put BuriedBarrelsMod-….jar file in the mods folder of your .minecraft directory

3. Run the game!


If you are using a mod that allows for easier structure location, such as Structure Compass, we recommend blacklisting the following structures:










Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I install Buried Barrels Mod?

A: Download and install Minecraft Forge installer, download the mod, go to %appdata%, open .minecraft, open bin, and put the .jar file in mods folder.

Q: Can I use this mod on a server?

A: Of course you can! The only thing you need to do is use the forge version of Minecraft.

Q: Is this mod compatible with X?

A: Most likely not. This is a very small mod that doesn’t change much. It is also meant to be played with vanilla+ (in which case it will work perfectly). If you have any questions or concerns about compatibility, please ask in the comments section before you try it out!

Buried Barrels Mod 1.18.1 Download Links:

Minecraft Game version 1.18.1:download

Author: Aureljz

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