Buddycards: A Fun Item Collecting Mod for Minecraft

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With the Buddycards mod, you can locate cards all over your Minecraft world and have fun collecting items. You can find them in chests, dungeons, and towns, and there are now 5 packs that contain 54 cards and 1 pack that has 36 cards.
While collecting packs or individual cards, you’ll probably stumble across extras that are perfect for trading or making binders. To construct a binder, you’ll need 1 leather and 3 extra cards. Additionally, there are four binders that can each hold 54 cards.
If you’d rather to have your cards on display, you can even do so without the binders. There are presently 8 distinct wooden displays available, each holding 6 cards.
Additionally, Buddysteel, a new ingot, is added by this patch. You can use this to create armor and tools that get stronger as you collect more cards.

Condition of the mod at this time

Currently, Buddycards is developing a new system that enables you to play a trading card game with all of your Buddycards. This system will include significant upgrades to both equip, resources, and fights. Please be patient if it takes a while for Buddycards to upgrade to 1.19 because this update will be enormous and challenging to code. The order of importance is as follows:

1. Complete the battle update
3. Complete the Buddysteel gear system. 2. Update expansions so they may be used during battles.
4. If the current version of modified isn’t 1.18, update to it.

How can I install the Minecraft Buddycards Mod?

Install Forge
Get Buddycards Mod.
To launch the installation, double click on the downloaded Forge file.
Find some Buddycards packs and paste the downloaded mod file into the.minecraft/mods folder.

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Get Buddycards Mod.

Minecraft Game version 1.16.5:download


Minecraft Game version 1.17.1:download


Minecraft Game version 1.18.2:download


To (insert dated version here) will you add a backport? – As of now, 1.18.1 is the only version of Buddycards receiving the majority of support, with 1.16.5 receiving small updates and patches until it is no longer supported. In the future, I will pretend that versions of Buddycards 1.17 don’t exist.
Will you include fabric support?
Is this mod compatible with my mod pack? Buddycards is compatible with all mod packs, barring any express prohibitions.
Will you include a method for us to create our own sets and cards? – The materials are available for modders to incorporate sets into their own mods, but not through datapacks. However, I would prefer if only the mod developers themselves included support for their mods.
Something related to DEFAULT MEDAL PROPERTIES is causing me to crash! Your mod doesn’t work! – This is brought on by one of the expansion mods using an old Buddycards version. Inform the mod’s creators that there is a problem and report it on their githubs, NOT MINE!
Check out the discord link below for further FAQ.

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