Paladin’s Furniture Mod for Minecraft 1.19.4, 1.18.2 and 1.16.5- A Comprehensive and Functional Furniture Solution for Modern Minecraft

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Paladin’s Furniture Mod, available for Minecraft versions 1.19.4 and 1.18.2, is a game-changing addition for players seeking a more immersive and aesthetically pleasing building experience. With over 1,000 new, functional, and visually appealing furniture pieces, this mod allows players to furnish their builds in a creative and practical manner. Designed for compatibility with popular mods like Sandwichable, JEI, REI, EMI, and Patchouli, Paladin’s Furniture Mod ensures a seamless integration into your existing Minecraft world.


  1. Extensive furniture selection: Boasting over 1,000 new furniture pieces, Paladin’s Furniture Mod offers a wide array of design options to personalize and enhance your builds.
  2. Fully functional: Unlike some furniture mods, all items in Paladin’s Furniture Mod serve a practical purpose, adding value and functionality to your creations.
  3. Craftable and obtainable in Survival mode: This user-friendly mod allows players to craft and obtain all furniture pieces in Survival mode, making it accessible to all players.
  4. Compatibility: Paladin’s Furniture Mod is designed for compatibility with popular mods like Sandwichable, JEI, REI, EMI, and Patchouli, ensuring a smooth gaming experience.
  5. Regular updates: The mod’s developer has dedicated over a year to its creation and continues to provide updates, adding new furniture and compatibility with other mods.
  6. Available on Fabric/Quilt and Forge: As of Release 1.1, the mod can be installed on both Fabric/Quilt and Forge platforms, catering to a broader range of players.
  7. Discord support and Github Issues Page: Players can access support via the mod’s Discord channel and report any issues on the Github Issues Page.

To use Paladin’s Furniture Mod, you will need Cloth Config for the appropriate Minecraft version. For an optimal experience, it is also recommended to install Patchouli, which introduces a Guide Book that familiarizes players with the furniture’s recipes and usage.

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All furniture items must be crafted from the Wood Working Table. To check the recipes, use a Recipe Viewer or the Patchouli Book. Combining Paladin’s Furniture Mod with these tools ensures the best possible experience as you explore the vast array of furniture options available to you.

Install – Paladin’s Furniture Mod for Minecraft

  • Install Minecraft Forge or Fabric/Quilt
  • Download Paladin’s Furniture Mod
  • Download Cloth Config
  • (Optional) Download Patchouli
  • Locate your Minecraft mods folder
  • Place the downloaded mod files in the mods folder
  • Launch Minecraft
  • Start Minecraft using the Forge or Fabric/Quilt profile, depending on which mod loader you have installed. Once the game loads, Paladin’s Furniture Mod will be installed and ready for use.

Paladin’s Furniture Mod for Minecraft -Download

1.16.5 1.17.1 1.18.1 1.18.2 1.19.2 1.19.3 1.19.4
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