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Dogecoin is a digital coin according to blockchain technology. Currently, dogecoin is having a very good position in the top 5 on We play minecraft for fun with the following video Minecraft Mods | DOGE MOD | “Such Wow, Much Mod” and Such Minecraft Very Mod So Doge


  1. DOGE MOD | “Such Wow, Much Mod”

2. Such Minecraft Very Mod So Doge



Doge Mod For Minecraft


  • Full set of doge tools – faster but less durable diamond gear
  • Full set of doge armour – basically netherite
  • Dogecoin – has the ability to turn any mob into a shiba
  • Doge Launcher – fires dogecoins as a projectile
  • GPU – mines blocks with a chance of getting doge


  • Doge Block – nothing yet
  • Mining Rig – uses the GPU to ‘mine’ doge, slower than manually mining but yields more doge


  • Doge – 10x more health than a wolf



Crafting Recipies:

Download Link Doge Mod:

For 1.16.5

Link here

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