Afterlife Mod for Minecraft 1.18 Adds 10 Lives, New Origins

Do you love the Afterlife series on YouTube? If so, then you’re going to love this Afterlife Mod for Minecraft 1.18. This mod adds most features of the custom mod used in the series. You start off with 10 lives, and if you die 10 times it’s game over. Every life also gives you a new Origin. So far there are 5 Origins to choose from: Human, Vampire, Werewolf, Guardian and Dragon.

Afterlife Mod

How to install Afterlife Mod?

Download and install Minecraft Forge.

Download the mod.

Go to %appdata%.

Go to .minecraft/mods folder.

Drag and drop the downloaded jar (zip) file into it.

If one does not exist you can create one.

Enjoy the mod.


– You start off with 10 lives.

– Every time you die, you will respawn in a random place.

– You can change your Origin.

– You can change the number of lives you start out with.


/afterlife get lives [playername]

/afterlife set lives [playername][lives]

Afterlife Mod Download Links:

Minecraft Game version 1.18.1: download


How do I change my Origin?

To change your origin, go in your inventory, and click on “Origin”. There will be a drop down menu. Choose the one you want.

How do I change the number of lives I start out with?

To change the number of lives you start out with, go to the “Lives” tab in your inventory. There will be a drop down menu.

I keep dying! How can I stay alive longer?

For a permanent increase to your total lifespan, you will need to find and craft a new life-extending item called an “Origin Stone”. This item can be crafted at an Alchemy Table (6 Dried Glowstone Dust). It takes about 2 minutes for 1 stone. You can also craft it at an Anvil (4 Copper Ingots + 1 Coal) or by hand (1 Diamond). The life-extending item is consumed when used, so it is important not to forget to use it!

What is the “Origin” tab in my inventory?

The “Origin” tab will show you all of your current Origins. You can change them to any of the 5 Origins available.

How do I change my death message?

To change your death message, go to the “Death Messages” tab in your inventory and click on the one you want. You can also change it by going to settings inside Minecraft (using F3). You can also change it by going to Settings->Controls->Appearance in-game.

Why does Afterlife Mod not work for me?

The mod might not work for you if:

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