AdventureZ Mod 1.19.2, 1.18.2: New End Boss to Minecraft!

AdventureZ Mod 1.19.2, 1.18.2 is a mod that adds a new end boss to Minecraft besides other deadly creatures. The boss is called “Blackstone Golem” and will be the hardest enemy you ever encountered. AdventureZ Mod also adds Piglins, which are some powerful enemies that call their Beast for help! You may even get caught by the Soul Reaper which is usually findable in the soul sand valley. Almost forgot to mention: Somebody has seen a weird-looking small creature crawling around…

adventurez mod 1

AdventureZ Mod adds a new end boss and other deadly creatures

This boss is so difficult that you might even need to call on your friends if you’re brave enough to take it on! Other updates include the addition of Piglins, Beast spawners, Soul Reaper spawns, and even small creatures that were seen crawling around during testing like the Slime King or the Brain Eater (who can actually shoot brain balls at their enemies). If you want an adventure unlike any other then download AdventureZ today!


AdventureZ Mod

Blackstone Golem: Spawns with ritual

Piglin Beast: Spawns randomly while attacking piglins and mining nether gold ore

AdventureZ Mod AdventureZ Mod AdventureZ Mod

Soul Reaper (Mount: Nightmare): Spawns in soul sand valley

AdventureZ Mod

Necromancer: Spawns in nether fortress’s

AdventureZ Mod

Summoner (and its guard): Spawns during a thunderstorm

AdventureZ Mod

Blaze Guardian: Spawns in nether fortress’s

Boss Summoning:

Get 4 Gilded Blackstone Shards by bartering with piglins or find them in the nether bastions  AdventureZ mod for minecraft 40.

Build 4 Chiseled Polished Blackstone Holder by putting Chiseled Polished Blackstone into the stone cutter.

AdventureZ Mod

Place a circular area of blackstone blocks (or whatever is similar to blackstone) with a radius of 5 and put one each edge the stone holder just like this:

AdventureZ Mod

After you placed all 4 shards into their holder the ritual will start…..


  • Blackstone Golem drops: Blackstone Heart, Gilded Shard, Netherite, Blackstone
  • Soul Reaper drops: Wither Head, Coal
  • Piglin Beast drops: Gold Ingots, Piglin Flag
  • Necromancer drops: Enchanted Book
  • Summoner drops: Enchanted Book (Probably next update: Summoning Staff)
  • Nightmare is tameable

AdventureZ Mod

Piglin Flag: The Piglin Flag has to charge itself and when it´s charged and you get close, all aggressive Piglins will get calm.

Gilded Netherite Armor: Stronger version of the netherite armor but piglins won´t attack you! (And a full set effect)

AdventureZ Mod



AdventureZ Mod

AdventureZ Mod


Fabric Modloader

Fabric API

Architectury API

Cloth Config API

How to install AdventureZ Mod with Fabric

  1. Make sure you have installed Fabric Mod Loader and Fabric API.
  2. Download the mod for your version of the game.
  3. Put the jar. Files onto the mod folder and run Minecraft.

Download AdventureZ Mod For Minecraft 1.18.2, 1.17.1

For Minecraft 1.16.2

Fabric version Download From Server : download

For Minecraft 1.16.3

Fabric version Download From Server : download

For Minecraft 1.16.4

Fabric version Download From Server : download

For Minecraft 1.16.5

Fabric version Download From Server : download

For Minecraft 1.17.1

Fabric version Download From Server : download

For Minecraft 1.18

Fabric version:download

For Minecraft 1.18.1

Fabric version:download

For Minecraft 1.18..2

Fabric version:download

For Minecraft 1.19

Fabric version: download

For Minecraft 1.19.2

Fabric version: download


Q: Will you add Blood Magic?

A: I think it’s possible, but it will take some time.

Q: Can you make a separate mod for the Ender Dragon?

A: Sure, but I don’t think it’s worth it.

Q: Can you add X or Y feature?

A: If the idea is strong enough I will consider adding them. Q: Why is this not on the Minecraft Forum? A: Because that would be too much work, and besides there are better mods there. Q: Why do you use a different name than “AdventureZ Mod”? A: Because I’m trying to keep the mods as short as possible, so if I call this one “AdventureZ” then others would also have to call their mods by the same name, which would be ugly.

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